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We celebrate, inspire and support the creative community.

The Company

Established in 1995, PRAYCIOUS JEWELS, started at a smaller scale with a vision to create something unique and beautiful for our customers and to give them what they want and as they want. With an expansion on bigger scale we came up with our retail showroom in 2018, a destination for high quality fine jewellery with mesmerizing exquisite designs.

We aim to bring revolution with fine jewellery and artistic craftmanship, quality, transparency and customer friendly in lifestyle segment in India.

In short span of time, PRAYCIOUS JEWELS has built a large family of customers in India as well as abroad.

We house a wide collection with unique designs for you to choose from. Showcasing the colors of Royalty with hints of Modernity with our impeccable line of jewellery creation. With exceptional designs and intricate craftmanship, we are home to some of the most extraordinary pieces of jewels.

All the designs are crafted to perfection with the right amount of sparkle and with the utmost care giving you the flexibility to customize the product's gold purity and color or diamond clarity to suit your needs.

With our unmatching designing team, friendly staff and the dazzling beauty of exclusive jewellery, every product here gets a great attention for its details.

Each of our products are a symbol of perfection. With cutting edge innovation, technology and latest trends, we make sure about the brilliance which reflects in all our jewellery. We offer certified jewellery with 100% buyback guarantee on diamonds and lifetime exchange rates as of company's policy on the day.

Ashvin Surendrabhai

Rahul Ashvinbhai

The founder

Praycious Jewels was founded by an extremely passionate and inspiring father-son duo, Mr. Ashvin Surendrabhai Contractor & Rahul Ashvinbhai Contractor.
The name Praycious has been carefully curated by a collective effort by the family who lent the initials of their names which helps depict the unity amongst them and their ever-evolving love towards their work and family. Praycious Jewels focuses primarily on delivering unique designs that resonate well with the company language and with their customer base. We aim to mirror the uniqueness and creative thinking in our designs in ways similar to how the name Praycious came into being.

People Behind PrayciousJewels

Meet our hardworking team

We Listen, Discuss, Advise and Develop!


Our Jewelry Designer

Habib Shaikh

Our Jewelry Designer. The one who curates your words into a design – and his vision into reality. He puts on his creative cap to make a desirable jewelry piece.

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Our sales associate

Vibhuti Patel

The person in charge of all accounting matters. She believes that accounting team is most effective when it is linked to the management team.

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Our sales associate

Urvashi Patel

Our sales associate – is the foundation of our success and has solid communication skills. Whether it’s helping customers, taking direction from our manager, or delivering feedback to her coworkers.


Content Writer

Pinka Mali

The one who is runs our production and marketing department. Marketing team are central to business success. Fulfills each responsibility from building awareness of your brand to creating engagement in public forums.

Happy Customers

Customer satisfaction measures with the large smile that occurs on their face after their requirements and expectations are fulfilled. Also depends on all interactions before, during, and after the sale.

Looking forward to

We are always thrilled and look forward to design and deliver the most admirable jewelry piece possible. Our uniqueness is our strength and we believe that satisfaction weighs more than diamonds.

Beyond jewelry

We don’t just design to the jewelry you want, but we make it the exquisite piece that is worth money and enhances your beauty. Our Jewels know the art of storytelling.

Praycious Jewels

Bright, Beautiful, Valuable and always in style !

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